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About Us

Meet The Owner

         Owner Eldon Hershberger grew up on the family's Wayne county dairy farm which now operates as a replacement dairy heifer operation. In his early 20's he started driving truck, hauling farm equipment, over size loads, & livestock

  Married, with a wonderful wife, daughter & husband, & two grandchildren, he enjoys traveling & spending time with family.

  His work ethic is simple: Work hard, do a good job, charge a fair price, treat your customers like you want to be treated.

Excellence and Professionalism 

 We at Hershey Transport handle all animals with utmost care and attention, and we always make sure that there trip as stress free as possible.

 We at Hershey Transport are very serious about bio-security, we have policies & procedures in place to ensure we do everything humanly possible to prevent the spread of diseases & viruses.

 We at Hershey Transport perform a welfare check on all animals every 2 hours when in transit.

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